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March 2023

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Congratulations to Dennis Banaag on his selection as Ambassador to USPA for the Yucaipa area.   He has a legacy to follow with retiring Diane Smith. She was one of the founders of Yucaipa Pickleball and a huge presence in building our program. The primary responsibility of the Ambassador is to promote and grow the sport of pickleball. Dennis is a member of the Yucaipa Pickleball, Inc. Board of Directors and serves as Adult Coordinator. He actively plays in tournaments so he will have many opportunities to promote PB and our club in the area. High Five to Dennis Tpm Banaag!

YAG Changes

Previously to attend the Yucaipa Advanced Group Days on Tuesdays and Thursdays, you had to be rated 3.5 or higher on UTPR (USPA) or WPR or complete our skills test.  We have now added DUPR ratings of 3.75 or higher to become automatically eligible.  Since DUPR has become more popular, more players are participating in that program and often the USPA tournaments are very expensive and it is hard for many of us to attend to be rated. So hopefully, this opens up another whole group of players who will join in! 

Also, starting April 1, 2023, the Drop In Fee for YAG is increased to $5. YAG provides a service to advanced players with more court time than other general open play dates as well as higher levels of play to prepare for tournaments. The Board of Directors wants to encourage those who use YAG to become a member. This rate increase does not apply to MWF play. 

Drill Class

As part of the YAG program, the club offers a FREE DRILL CLASS that leads to testing for Yucaipa Advanced Group (YAG.)  Sign up on the website for the Drill Class. It is Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 7:30-10am.  

John Manly runs this class. Everyone who has taken it raves about it! Even if you don’t wish to participate in YAG, it’s still a great clinic. 

There is no charge and it is only available to Club Members. This fills up fast.

Also check out the Flowchart at to help determine your skill level!

Winter Balls

You may have noticed we have been using different balls these past couple of weeks. These  “winter” balls hold up much better when the temperatures are below 45-50 degrees. We were breaking up to 50 balls a week during this cold spell.  Balls cost us about $2.35 each if we don’t catch a sale, even though be buy 100 or more at a time.  So, in an effort to save on breakage, we switched. We are looking at some other brands that are more similar to the Franklin’s but hold up better. We will go back to the Franklin’s as soon as it gets a little warmer! 

Play Schedule

Just a reminder, we have free beginner help on Mondays and Wednesdays at the Yucaipa Community Center (YCC).  Thank you to those coordinators!

·       The YCC Center is open for organized pickleball M-F mornings from 9-11:30am – all levels

·       MWF 8:30-11:30am is open play for all levels at 7th street park.

·       TTh 9am-12pm is Advanced Play at 7th St. park. You must be qualified through our program or ratings to play at 7th St. on these days.

·       Saturday, March 25th, is Open Club Play at 7th Street from 8:30-11:30

See the website for our regular weekly Open Play Schedule:

Beginner’s Class

Another Beginner’s Clinic will be held on March 18 and 25th at Avenue I park. Sign up on our website. There is a small fee. Please fill out the application and sign the waiver using the link below. Your clinic reservation is complete upon payment. There is limited space.

Courts Update

The city received back the first plan review for the cover over the skateboard park court area. They also started the asbestos study for tearing down the old theater building. So that is moving along.

They have said they will resurface the existing basketball area when they do the new courts this summer.

We will be installing sunscreen on the south side of the courts soon. This will help with the glare that direction. We are also going to be installing screen on the fence on the north side as soon as the city fixes the existing fence. 

The city is looking at changing out the lights under the cover so we can use them in the daytime also.  


We have opportunities for volunteering coming up. You can sign up for any of these on our website at this link:

·       Adult Beginner’s Clinic helpers – Saturdays: March 18th and 25th, 8:30 am to 11 am, Avenue I Park, John Manly will be running this clinic if you have any questions. Thank you to the January and February volunteers, we can’t do this without you!

·       7th Street Coordinator – We are always looking for folks who could make a commitment on MWF at 7th Street. You would be responsible for setting up and taking down the equipment as well as coordinating the paddle stacking and players.  Even if you can’t commit to the whole morning or regularly, please let us know that you might be able to fill in for one who can’t make it or share the responsibility with someone else!

·       May 6, 2023 Tournament at 7th Street. You can help when you are not playing! 

Board of Directors Meeting 

April 19, 2023 3:30pm

9346 Yucaipa Ridge Road Yucaipa

See website for agenda approximately 3 days before meeting.

Board of Directors:

President:    Patty Ingram             Vice President:  Richard Rios

Secretary :   Debi Hitter                 Facility Coord:  John Manly

Treasurer, Webmaster : Char Broersma

Activity Director : Dennis Banaag      Director:  David Hughes

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Revolving Announcement

Coordinators needed! We need you! Our club has grown twice as large as this time last year. We are in need of more help. Sign up for once a week at 7th St or Community Center or sign up for a substitution spot (our coordinators need a break sometimes). Please consider this opportunity to volunteer. Thank you in advance. Sign up here at our volunteer form and John Manly will contact you.

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