Advanced Group Eligibility Requirements

If you have an official 3.5 UTPR/WPR or higher OR at least a 3.75 DUPR rating, you are invited to join our Advance Play group without any evaluation. Advanced Play is at 9:00 am on Tuesday and Thursday  at 7th Street Park.  Depending on the numbers it often goes till 1pm. If you are not a member the drop in fee is $5 (as of April 1st, 2023).

If you do not have an official rating, you may qualify to play with the advanced group if you pass our club evaluation process.   Our evaluation was developed to reflect the abilities of our club’s current advanced players. The evaluation was developed by a team of volunteers who looked at other rating scales and then developed our own Yucaipa Pickleball assessment that will provide a list of shots that have been mastered and a list of shots that need to be developed to improve your game.  We will not attempt to determine your skill level. We do not make any claims that if you pass the evaluation, you are a 3.5 player.  Nor, will we say that if you don’t pass, you are not a 3.5 player.  This evaluation is not designed to ascertain your skill level.

If you feel that you are an advanced player and don’t quite have a 3.5 rating yet, and you are ready to play competitively with our advanced players, please schedule an appointment for Advance Group evaluation with John Manly at 541-810-1500.

The evaluation will consist of two parts:

1)   A skinny singles evaluation with a current member of the Advanced Play group.  This will be a short, one-on-one exchange on half of a court.  It will consist of 10 serves, alternating between the player being evaluated and the AG player.  Both players will rotate sides after the first 5 serves.  Rally scoring will be utilized (meaning that you do not have to serve to earn the point).  Females will play against females and males will play against males. The player being tested must earn a minimum of 4 points to proceed to the next step. 

2)   Formal evaluation.  The player will have to demonstrate competence on a series of shots, including deep serves and returns, dinks, drop shots, resets, overheads, lobs, running down lobs, volleys, and more.  You do not have to be perfect on all shots, you simply have to score as well as our AG players.  In order to pass, you must successfully complete 3 out of 6 drop shot assessments and you must pass 12 out of the 16 non-drop shot assessments.

If you are not quite ready to take the evaluation test and need to get more ready for it please apply for our Advanced Prep and Drill Group. Please go HERE

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